“Thank you so much Oistads for your great work in emptying my mom's house after she moved. What looked like too much for family to take care of, we met with the Oistads and were excited to have them to do the work. They did a great job and left the house clean and empty. I live a distance away, but when she sent me pictures of the completed job, I couldn't believe it. What a relief that was for family. I would highly recommend them - thanks again!!”


- Becky Wilson, Twin Cities Area, MN

(Mom's house in Thief River Falls, MN)


“Oistad Team,


“Thank you for the excellent service. You were easy to work with throughout the entire process of planning, preparing the contract, and removing items. I was a bit worried about not being able to be there myself on removal day. However, our son was at the property and told us: ‘The team members were great. Fast, very careful, and super friendly.’ And our check was in the mail to us the same day. Thanks, Oistad team!”


- Deb Tomanek, Big McDonald Lake, Dent, MN


"From the planning to the explanation to the execution this was a wonderful experience. Five Stars!!!"

- Mark Bergen, Moorhead, MN

"I will always be grateful to Tim and Sarah for their help when I needed it the most. They were fair with their ‘buy out’ price and provided prompt removal. All this was delivered with courtesy and smiles.


"Thank you, Oistads, for providing this wonderful service!"


- Bridget Drummer, Maple Lake, MN

"Hi, Tim & Sarah & gang,


"Thanks for helping to make our move much easier. Everything went so well and the move was completed in record time.


"We will certainly use your service in the future!"


- Bud & Judy Ellingson, Crookston, MN


"P.S. Bud missed Sarah & Jen's joking on moving day."

"I had planned to make a move into Sun Center eventually and had an idea when I should move.  However I had the chance to move before I really felt ready. I called the realtor and she helped with prices and such. So we put the sign up expecting that it would take a while, instead I had a chance to sell the very next day.  What to do with the things I did not need anymore? HELP! Well I had heard of the Oistad [Estate & Auction Service], who would purchase the belongings and would move them. I got the number from my friend and called. They said they were so busy but would fit in a time for me.  So Tim came and looked at everything even in the garages and basement.  Later he quoted a price and said he could come and move everything out - even pencils - and I did not have to pack a THING. What a huge relief and I am over 85 and carrying things is not so easy for me anymore. So on a Friday morning at 7AM the group came packed and carried while I did other things at my appartment. At 2:45 they called to say they were done and I should come to check. I could not believe it. The house was cleaned out. The carpets were vacuumed. The cabinets were dusted and cleaned and the house was ready for the next family to move in. That was a wonderful gift to me. I feel so fortunate to have had the Oistad [Estate & Auction Service] family help me and do such a great job. I would recommend them to anyone. I felt I was one lucky person. Thanks again, Tim and Sarah."

- Marlys Hlavinka, Mayville, ND

"When we moved, things couldn't have gone any smoother because we used Oistad Estate & Auction Service.  They were on time, polite, friendly, so so helpful and very careful with our household items.  We would gladly recommend them to everyone.  Thank you, Oistads."
- Marcel & Jean LaJesse, Crookston MN

"Oistad Estate [& Auction] Service is a first-class company and I would highly recommend them for any help in cleaning out a house to prepare for sale or auction. I work full-time and live four hours away from my parents' home so it was impossible for me to spend weeks there, cleaning and getting it ready to sell. 

"Oistads gave me a very reasonable estimate and did a wonderful job on the actual moving day. Their team was friendly and efficient, and handled some sensitive items with great tact. And the house was left clean too!"


- Vida Edmond, Hopkins, MN

"We utilized Oistad Estate & Auction Service to remove the contents of the house and garage owned by my father.  They did a perfect job.  The house was left in good, saleable condition.  The removal was done efficiently and effectively.  I have recommended their services to others who have the same need."


- Barb Osvold, Detroit Lakes, MN

"We highly recommend the use of Oistad Estate and Auction Service. From the beginning, their customer service and attention to detail was exemplary. The honesty and integrity demonstrated by Tim and Sarah are a very rare commodity in this day and age. In addition to getting a very fair price for my mother’s possessions in Grand Forks, they handled the disposition of all her household goods and clothes. The latter was invaluable given that we all live out of state and would not have known where to start."


- Dan Shide

- Dr. Kathleen Shide

"Five stars for Oistad Estate & Auction Service.  The estate buy-out option meet my needs and Oistad staff exceeded my expectations.  They were flexible, arrived on time, and 'cleaned-out' as promised.  I would use this service again and would recommend it to family and friends."


- Bonnie, Woodbury, MN

"Thank you so much for both your kindness and professinalism."


- Carol Brown, Beltrami, MN

"I would like to give a shout out to Oistads! I just talked to a customer of mine from Maple Lake who moved to South Dakota yesterday. Oistads loaded up their belongings, moved them and set up things in their new place. She was so happy with them and said she would like to get the word out about what a great job they did and what nice people they all are. I decided to do it for her!"


- Heidi Larson, Maple Lake, MN

"Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did cleaning out our mother's house.  You made an overwhelming job very easy for us.  From our first phone call last April through the clean out today, everything went perfect.  You left the house and garages in excellent, clean condition.   We could not be more pleased with the work you did and also your very fair proposal.


"Thanks again.  It has been a pleasure doing business with you."

- Julie Morben and Jean Schneider, Thief River Falls, MN

"Thank you for the very successful auction. We are very pleased with the outcome. You did a fantastic job."

- Gerry and Denny McGurran, Maple Lake, MN

"We had Oistad Estate & Auction Service move our household from Crookston to a home 2 1/2 hours away.  Before contracting their services, they visited our home, gave us a choice of the comprehensive services they are willing to provide, and an estimate of their costs. We did our own packing (though they are willing to do this, too).  So when they arrived in the morning, they loaded, transported, and unloaded the contents of our home, oversized double garage, and also lawn and patio items to our new home in one day!  Not only was everything delivered in excellent condition, but every piece of furniture, every box, tool, etc. was in the appropriate place: garage, storage shed, home, patio, etc.  They read the labels on the furniture and boxes and placed them in the right rooms, and even arranged furniture within the room.  Throughout the whole day, they seemed to care as much about our belongings as we did.  For example, one of the boxes we packed was not a sturdy box and this was duly noted by them.  They replaced the box, and repacked the items so they would arrive safely. They do great work!  And they do their work with care, respect, courtesy, and a sense of humor.  We enjoyed spending the day with them!  If you want a stress-free move, we would highly recommend you enlist their services!"


- Gayle and Bob Nelson, Battle Lake, MN

"I was prompted to use [Oistad Estate & Auction Service] when I received their bid to handle a wide range of personal items ranging from favorite furniture to treasured antiques--their help to finish my long avoided downsizing made me feel satisfied they were the right choice for me."


- Loralee Taylor, Crookston, MN

"Oistad Estate and Auction Service is a very reliable and dedicated business.  Upon selling our home in Fertile we sold them some of our household furnishings.  Towards the last day prior to closing, time was of the essence and we needed to get these pieces out of the house.  Sarah and Jennifer showed up on time and quickly took care of this for us.  They realized the importance of getting this done.


"I would highly recommend anyone to engage the services of this company."

- Sheldon Bolstad, Fertile, MN

"What role models you are for your business, family, EMS, and the community in general! Your strong morals and ethics came out in the Herald article for all to see that amidst all the violence and hardships we encounter, there still is a sect of people who live by their priorities of honesty and trust. I’m very proud of you all… and your families must be just bursting by what you’ve done.


"Thanks for being positive influences on our youth."

- Gay Webster, Beltrami, MN

"When my mom passed away suddenly late in 2014... I simply didn't know what do to with the contents of her home outside a handful of treasured items I kept. It took me a few months even to entertain the idea of taking the first step. I received Oistad Estate & Auction Service's business card via a referral and took a chance not knowing where to start or what my options were.


"Thru my initial conversations w/ Sarah and Jennifer... I knew I had found exactly who I needed to helped my overwhelmed soul. They made an appointment to review Mom's estate... traveling quite some distance to do so... met me there and were not only professional & courteous... but compassionate & kind. I felt like we were longtime friends as I laughed and cried during this difficult time. I left there that day with a healing calm about the situation.


"Their bid came in quickly and was what I considered very fair. A date was set to get their job done and they showed up when scheduled and left things neat and orderly. My mom was a remarkable lady and I was tickled to know that they were going to place her earthly belongings in the hands of the next happy home. I not only recommend Oistad Estate & Auction Service with the highest mark and praises I could possibly give... but I look forward to crossing paths with them again. Amazing people w/ an amazing work ethic and business practice. THANKS so many times Oistads for being there. SO glad to have found you."


- Beth Schaleben, Detroit Lakes, MN

"We, Eugene and Carol Solheim, wish to tell you of our great experience with Oistad Estate and Auction Service.


"We called them and they came to our home, looked over what we had decided that we no longer needed or had room for when we were moving to a different home. When we were ready for them to pick up the items, we called them and arranged a time that was convenient for both of us. They came prepared with truck, pickup and helpers to load everything to help us downsize. Also they told us, they have a service to move our personal property to our new home if we needed it.


"The price they paid for our 'treasures' was very fair. We do not feel a garage sale and all the work of having one would have been to our advantage. Tim and Sarah were extremely courteous and helpful. Every chance we get to visit with others that are going through a moving process we recommend the Oistads."


- Eugene and Carol Solheim, Crookston, MN

"I worked with Oistad Estate & Auction Service on a clean out for a home that was going to be sold and needed to have the entire house, garage, outbuildings and yard cleaned of items and debris. They were very understanding of the owner’s feelings and very respectful of the owner and the items in the home. They were forthright with the owner if they thought there would be enough for an auction or not. They have many options to help anyone with auction services, selling items online, or a clean out of an estate. I found them to be wonderful people to work with, friendly, kind, considerate, honest and did all of the work in a very timely fashion with a positive and caring attitude with the best interest of all involved. I would recommend them to anyone who needs this kind of help!"


- Carol Swenby, Real Estate Agent

LeBlanc Realty - Fertile, MN

"We very much appreciated the services you provided, it was no easy task and Harold shared that you did an excellent job with clean up as well.  Given my sister, brother and I live so far away from Grand Forks, your willingness to purchase the contents of our Mother’s home and remove the rest was a great relief.  Thank you again!


"Best regards,"

- Craig Showalter, Laramie, WY

"We want to thank you for the excellent and timely services we received from you.

We would highly recommend you to anyone in a similar situation.


"Thanks again,"

- Scott & Kim, Las Vegas, NV

"My aunt needed help cleaning out her apartment as she went to an assisted living facility. The Oistads came and cheerfully did the job, even though there were not a lot of great "treasures" there. I would heartily recommend them."


- Leslie Wagner, Crookston, MN

"Thank you so much for the excellent job that you did at the home on South Main in Crookston. I was extremely impressed with your quality of work in the way that you left the place. Thank you."

- Jean Rock, Real Estate Agent
LeBlanc Realty - Crookston, MN

"Thank you very much for your professional services rendered in regards to Mike Conneran’s recent move. Your care in packing and moving was excellent and I would highly recommend your services.



- Mark Knox, Fisher, MN

"I am writing this to tell you how much I appreciated your help with my recent move.  After having helped my mom with her move, and the care you took with her personal belongings, I was happy that you agreed to help me with my move.


"You treated my mom well, both at the residence she was selling, and her new apartment.  All of her items arrived without damage, and were placed where she wanted them.  You went above and beyond the customer service I am used to expect.  Mom was so happy that you bought so many things to help her liquidate the items she did not want anymore.


"My recent move, from a fourth floor apartment downtown to a house several blocks away was not easy, but you made it seem that way.  It was very hot and humid during the move, and miserable.  Yet, all of my personal items were moved without any complaint.  Care was taken to make sure there would be no damage to my belongings.  I also very much appreciate the sense of humor of your people.  It made the move actually fun.


"I would be happy to refer you to anyone that is interested in assistance with a move, or an estate sale.  Please feel free to share my email or phone number with those interested in knowing more about the superior service you provide.


"Thanks again,"

- Mike Kropp, Grand Forks, ND

"Just wanted to say thank you for making the process of selling all the items in my house, painless and easy. I appreciate that you were able to help on such short notice. I have nothing but good things to say about your company!



- Jerry Anderson, Perham, MN

"City Picker Antiques was there [at the Estate & Hobby Farm Auction]!  What an amazing, well-organized farm auction.  We met so many great folks and picked up some fantastic items, including an antique parlor set, we almost had last year! ...  What an incredible treat for us city folks!"


- Tracy McCracken

City Picker Antiques - Minneapolis, MN

"We would like to thank Tim & Sarah of Oistad Estate & Auction Service to the rapid sale of our Travel Trailer.  We had listed it several places without much response, but after placing it in their hands, it sold quickly.  All was done in a most professional manner & they are great to work with.  They are at the top our list for recommendations."


- Don & Sumi Gullickson
"Thank you for the estate services you provided for us. You completed the entire process well in advance of our agreed upon deadline and did a very professional job.
"Thank you again,"
- Clair L. Thompson, Grand Forks, ND

"I owned a business in Fertile with lots of misc items stored in the back of my building.  When I decided to sell out, I was overwhelmed with the thought of what I was going to do with 'all my stuff'!  Upstairs, downstairs and in the back, too many items for me to handle.  I called Oistad Estate & Auction Service to see if they would be interested in buying my wonderful junk.  They came, looked it all over, later, gave me a price, which I was very happy with, PLUS cleaned my building which made it ready to sell.  After all that, they found a memento they thought I would want and returned to me, no charge.  I highly recommend Oistad Estate & Auction Service and would call them again if needed!!"


- Carole Larson, Owner

Boutique of Joy - Fertile, MN

"Oistad Estate & Action Service helped us clean out our family homestead.   They worked with us to get it cleaned out by the deadline date.   They were very honest and worked to make a deal that was fair to all involved.   We highly recommend them to anyone in need of their services."


- Dave & Jean Uhlir, Winger, MN

"We were very happy with the service and results of Oistad Estate & Auction Service.  From start to finish Tim and Sarah were excellent in service, communication, and results on the sale of our property in a difficult situation.  They knew what to do, and handled everything in a professional manner, I would highly recommend them."


- Clayton J. Quade, Agricultural/Business Banker
American Federal Bank - Fosston, MN

"Appreciate all your assistance, and a job well done."


- Mae Moran Estate, Crookston, MN

"This spring we sold our large home after loving this home for 47 years.

"We moved to a small duplex with the help of Tim and Sarah.  They walked through our large home helping us think about what to sell, what to get rid of and enlighten us on the going price of used furniture.  They were never in a hurry and always said think about this and maybe tomorrow you will have the answer.

"They offered to not only clean our house after moving everything we let go of, but offered to help us move across town with their equipment. We wanted to claim them as part of our family when we were done.  They helped us move into a new stage of our life, and we think they are great.  Call Oistad Estate & Auction Service...you'll love them!"


- Collette Conati, Crookston, MN

"Tim and Sarah Oistad proved to be very valuable in assisting us to dispose of our parents estate after Dad went into a nursing home and later died.  They went above and beyond to serve our family during a difficult time.

"They evaluated our situation and gave good suggestions for a plan to deal with the estate goods.  Sarah has a unique eye for money making items, and they are both willing to work to 'dig out' all the 'treasures' there may be, which they did!

"Our family was truly blessed through our association with Tim and Sarah.  We will quickly and confidently suggest them to others needing help with auctions, estates, or simply moving out some cool stuff!"


- Kira Hallof, Mentor, MN

"As a Real Estate Broker, I am always working with many different parties to any given estate transaction.  Recently, I was involved with the sale of a piece of lake property.

"The sellers hired Tim Oistad/Oistad Estate & Auction Service to assist with the removal and sale of quite a bit of personal property.  Every contact I had with Tim Oistad and his staff was second to none!  They were always very cooperative and handled this project professionally and in a timely manner.  They were very considerate and went above and beyond to insure that special keepsakes and memorabilia were kept safe and set aside to be returned to the seller.

"I would highly recommend their services to others in need!"


- Sherry Coauette, Broker

LeBlanc Realty - Crookston, MN

"Oistad Estate & Auction Service provided informative, courteous service when evaluating personal property items in my Estate.  Tim and Sarah were helpful, knowledgeable and honest in providing me options to consider."


- Norma Sannes




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